4th Class: DIARY OF A CATERPILLAR! ( Based on Science lesson on butterflies)

June 29, 2011

Day 1: Today, I woke up from a sleep that seemed to go on forever. I started to eat this green stuff that tasted really nice.   The leaf I’m on is the same colour as me. It is very boring.  Better get down to business: munch, munch, munch…boring.  I wonder where my mom is?

Day 10: God, that green stuff is so disgusting. I was going to escape through a hole bored in a leaf, but have opted instead to concentrate on the important job of eating.

Day 14: My home is gone: I ate it, actually. I fell off a branch, but luckily, I fell onto  a new home underneath.

Day 16: We had to move house again as I ate our old one. I have to stop doing that.


Day 22:  There’s  a Spy-der on my home. I call it that because it spies on me.

Day 34: I think I might dissolve myself tomorrow. Anyway, I have to turn into a pupa, so I won’t be writing in my diary for a  while.

Day 42: I’m in here. My pupa is so warm. It feels weird, like you’re getting a massage. The stuff you dissolve yourself in is so gooey and see-through. 

Day 44: I’m dying of dehydration and suffocation.  Oh, I see a hole.

Day 45: I have wings now. I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Went out looking for a drink. The doctor tells me I’ll die in about ten days. Oh well!

Day 46: I went out for a fly today. You just have to move your wings up and down  and flap them.  Flying is cool, but you always seem to run into birds. That’s not much fun.  Almost got eaten by a robin.

Day 53: I am now inside a blue-tit’s tummy. I wished he had of killed me first.

Day 54: I’m dying. This is my last day alive. I wonder what I’ll do with this diary.


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