4th Class Xmas Story: The Bad Elf

December 18, 2010

There once was a very unlucky elf. He worked in Santa’s workshop. But he only wrapped presents, and he was very bad at it.  One day, Santa called him into the office and said:

I am very sorry, but we have to lose you, I’m afraid. It was a very hard decision, blah, blah…We had to do it to someone. But we have arranged a house for you. You’ll be sharing with an athlete: a seal actually. I am sorry about all this, blah,blah...”

The  elf was so sad to go. Everyone waved goodbye, even though no one liked him anyway. He packed up his stuff and went. He wandered out in the storm, trying hard to find the house. The seal, who was out looking for him, heard a loud scream through the snow. He had to get a shovel and dig the elf out from the ice. He was frozen through, and the seal couldn’t easily make a fire, this being the North Pole. 5 Hours later, they got to the house, the elf was freezing. The seal said:

“If you run all the way to Santa’s workshop and back, you;ll be warm in no time.”

So he did, but then, he got stuck again.

Anyway, he had to get himself a new job. He tried being a road-sweeper, a bus driver, everything – until there was only one job left: robber. Every night, he would steal 5 toys from Santa’s workshop, then sell them.

The other elves set up traps, none of which worked. One night, the elves set up the mother of all traps. It was: all of Santa’s sweets on a table, with a weighing-scales on the floor. When the scales got to 4 stone, a big cage would come down and trap them. On the night, the elf and the seal got dressed up in black. This was a bad idea in the North Pole. They left the hosue and headed off to the workshop. When they got there, they saw the sweets, and the elf couldn’t resist. He ran up to eat them all. The scale reached 5 stone, they got trapped.

In the morning, the head elf put them in elf jail, where the bars are very small. They were very fat, and hard to move.

Santa was very, very annoyed.



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