Grangegorman Official Opening

June 16, 2010


Though the school building has been in use since September 23rd, we finally managed to officially inaugurate it on June 16th. Our Principal, Aine, insisted that we remember that this is not the opening

 of a new school, but rather, that of a new building only. That said, it was still a great occasion for D7ET. Our Board Chairman, John McDaid, pointed out that our eight year stint in St. Joseph’s School had been a period of great uncertainty for the school. It had been particularly hard to organise classrooms, and the school community was divided by several floors. The present building may have to serve us for 60 years, by which time, few present today will still be attached to the school.

Paul Rowe, chairman of the school’s patron body, reminded parents that there are now 500 Educate Together teachers around the country, and that there is a pressing need for secondary schools that follow our model.

Acting Principal, Louise Coffey, praised the Board of Management for their efforts and patience over the past two, challenging years for the school:

We have very happy memories of both of our other premises, Henrietta St. and St. Joseph’s, but for teaching and learning, it is fantastic to be in a  building that is designed as a school and works as a school…For the last ten years a very strong school community has been built by everybody involved in the school. It is important also to remember and acknowledge the staff, pupils and parents who are no longer in the school, but have contributed to what we have today.”

Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Emer Costello, was on hand to cut the ribbon for the opening. She spoke of her attachment to the school, the first one she had visited when she became Lord Mayor a year ago.

Michael and Charlene from 6th Class thanked everyone for their time in the school, as their eight year term here draws to a close.

Codie from 6th, the only pupil to have ever attended D7ET in all three school buildings, helped the

 Lord Mayor to cut the ribbon.

Arthur and Meg from Junior Infants presented flowers to the Lord Mayor.

Singing was led by Patricia, the Junior Infant teacher, accompanied by parents: Ben on guitar, Sally on piano, and Karl on trumpet. 6th Class performed a Haka Ghaeilge.

Afterwards, there were cakes and coffee served in the back yard.

Today, the 16th of June was a very special day for our school. I liked it when we were singing the songs we learned for the day. My favourite song was ‘Hello to all the People in the World’, but all of them turned out nice. There were many great speeches during the ceremony, and our guest of honour was the Lord Mayor, Emer Costello. She told us that she once lived in Aughrim St. near our school. She ended the ceremony by cutting the ribbon with a brand new scissors, with Codie, a student from 6th Class. She is the only student who attended all three schools. We then went back to the classroom, and had lots and lots of sweets.” (4th Class Reporter)


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