School Tour: 3rd, 4th, 5th

June 2, 2010

On our tour, we went to Wicklow jail, also known as The Gates of Hell. At first, I think all of us were a bit scared, as the palce was known for being haunted. In my opinion, it was awesome. There was this guy who was dressed up like a jailer, who led us through the prison cells. I felt as though we were the prisoners held in the cells for a bad crime. We got to examine every cell, which was great fun becasue there was information about the jail on the walls, wax figures of prisoners, and maybe even a ghost or two. We came to a cell that had wax figures of a priosner being whipped on the back by a man for punishment.

We went to he Diamond Leisure Centre then. We went with 3rd and 5th Class. We did bowling first, and got into groups of six or seven people. The bowling alleys were lit up and the floor was glowing. After a while, we went to Kidzone upstairs. It was really fun there, with things to climb over, slides and a ball pit.


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