4th Class Fashion Show

June 2, 2010


In March, our class had a student teacher, Mary in for three weeks. In History, we studied 100 Years of Fashion, and Mary had the idea of doing our own fashion show, covering a century. We were split up into twos/threes for each decade. We had to wear clothes that suited the decade. For example, the 2000s came as Jedward, and the 1960s were hippies. We also had to choose the music that was fashionable for the decade, like Grease or The Clash. While one of the others walked down the catwalk, the other had to read out a piece, describing what they were wearing, and about the music. We had an awesome day, and Peadar enjoyed having his class all dressed up for Maths and English.


In March of 2010, Mary, our Student Teacher, was preparing for our Fashion show. We were put into groups of twos or threes, and were each given a decade to work with. We then had a week to get an outfit together. We drew something around our decade,which was written in the middle of a slip of paper. They were then posted on the baord in one of the spare rooms. A large sign said: “100 Years of Fashion”. When everyone was ready and dressed up, Mary invited 2nd Class up to watch.


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