4th Class Poetry.

March 12, 2010



Of all the fish in the sea

The salmon, the salmon is the one for me

The salmon’s tiny glistening scales

Protect it from the sea’s fierce storms and gales

On the side of his head, his eyes can be found

He doesn’t have legs, for he never touches ground

When he is small he swims far from home

He continues his journey all alone

Into the waters of the great unknown

He finds some friends and has some fun

Now he has to swim back upstream

And decides to die



This is the salmon that made its way

Up the Slaney on a windy day

Silky, glistening

Swift, listening

Through the currents, speckled and grey

He leaps up the weir

With knowledge, without fear

Because he’s a really cleverly, collegey, knowledgy type of guy.

Simon the Salmon swims about

Swimming with his friends

Shimmering silver, baby pink

Scales and tails swimming about

Seas cold, rivers warm

Simon loves them both

Swimming, bobbing up the stream

Simon sees the eggs

Simon trying not to get CAUGHT!!

I am a salmon

I swim in the sea

It’s great being a fish

It’s great being me

I swim all day, It’s real good fun

Especially when I do my salmon run

After I lay me eggs to spawn

It’s back to the sea,

For it’s nearly dawn.

I was in my uncle’s boat

Looking at the sea

And I saw a salmon

staring curiously at me

I looked at his scaly skin

And it spat right at my chin

Hey! Get off me, you cheeky fish.

Or I’ll have you for my dinner dish”

The fish got scared and swam away

Thinking: “I’ll get revenge on you some day.”

My name is John

And Edward is my twin

We are singing salmon, and we are in to win

We perform on the Fishing factor

every week

Simon Cowell thinks we’re geeks

But we’ll keep swashing

And we’ll keep swishing

We’ll keep whishing

And you keep a watching

We’re the two best fish on the show.

We will win it, don’t you know.

Salmon are tasty

Salmon are hasty

salmon are very wise

salmon are quite big in size

Salmon can jump very high

They look like they can fly

On the outside, they’re silvery

On the inside, they’re pink

Which makes me think

That’s why they taste so yummy

When I eat them in my tummy.


Snow Top

Through the gusty winds

To see the snowy mountain

Snow-capped, so far up there

Out at sea, as they wave their flare

And the eagle swoops to glare

Through the frosty air

Ice in patches, full of fun

Squirrels hibernate until the sun

Rising over the meadow

Looms until the day is done

General Winter

I am living in a trench, a thousand miles from home

All around is snow and ice, I feel so alone

In the summer days the war went well

But winter came to send us to Hell

Is is all worth it, all in all

Coming on this hard, hard crawl?

They retreat under the winter sun

Running through the snow with their little toy guns

The brave general leads his forces

Winning the battle with his arsenal of horses

The general smiles at victory

But then his mom calls him in for tea.

Mrs. Butler

Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derk Drew

Has taken my lunch

And made it into stew

Oh yes, yes my dear

It’s really hard to bear

Do what you plan to do

I really don’t care


Yousain Bolt, he’s really, really fast

Yousain Bolt, he never comes last.

Yousain Bolt, he likes Bob Marley

Yousain Bolt, he likes to eat barley

Yousain Bolt, he wears green and yellow

Yousain Bolt, he never eats Jello



Do you ever think about a book?

I do a lot

I enjoy books

But that doesn’t mean I am a swot

Books have fantasy

Like Harry Potter

Books have information

Like: a pig’s foot is called a trotter

Books are funny

Books are sad

Books are serious

Books are mad

And then there’s Aesop’s Fables

And similes as well:

Pride comes before a fall

Aesop liked to tell

Don’t forget the Bible

Which says nobody’s as strong as God

It has lots of different names

But nobody called Todd

And then there are the libraries

Sometimes you have to pay a few

And if you want information

Just go to the library.

Radio Bombs

Through the radio, he cried:

Come out, come out, no time to hide.

The bombs ain’t on this side of town.”

Nanny walked in, bags in hand

On the radio, struck up the band

And everyone came fropm up and down

Guess who’s at he radio station

It’s Uncle Ron, you know the one

Whose dog runs around with rotation

He’s messing with the sound effects

So, that’s who said that the bombs were falling on our heads, Ron

Come on”, said Nanny “Time for bed.

Bet you’re all wrecked.”

Football Fuss

Sometimes it’s boring being a ball

But when I get home, I just sit in the hall

I get kicked around in the pitch or park

Sometimes I get bounced home, even in the dark

When I’m on grass, everyone runs at me

But when I get home, I’m very lonely

People go crazy to buy me in the mall

So, sometimes it’s good being a ball.

Spanish Guitar

I heard the sound of my Spanish guitar

That music never dies.

My fingers hold the strings.

I heard the notes fly over the air

My Spanish guitar plays, loud and clear.

The Fair

Today, we are heading out to he fair

I’m so excited, that we are nearly there

We arrive at the fair with gleaming eyes

Ferris wheels up in the skies

Candy floss, pie and more. There’s a chip on the floor!

Kids screaming, babies crying, grownups sighing, teens buying.

Ice-cream stalls with sugar ‘n’ all

All the rides you could ever think of.

Dizzy as a dinosaur,

Next thing you know, you’re knocked on the floor

Litter, litter on the ground

Hop, hop all around

Coloured lights above my head.

Stars twinkling up ahead

Kids play all day at the fair


The Eagle

He snatched at the crag with feathered hands

Close to the sun in dusty lands

Ringed with the beautiful world, he stands

The wavy sea beneath him moves

He watches from his mountain walls

And like a bullet, he falls

He grasped the crag with scaly hands

Close to the sun in snowy lands

Ringed with the rigid `world, he stands

The rolling sea beneath him crashes

He watches from his mountain perch

And like a flash, he falls

Winter Days

Winter air, winds crawling

City streets drowned in snow

Noses dripping, lips chapped

Blank eyes, hands cold.

Swirling smoke, cars that crawl

Drooling in snow

Slushy roads.


I love drawing cartoons

I s’pose it’s what I do

Girls, boys, aliens, animals

And a few strict adults too.

Sometimes I draw class-mates

Turned into cartoon form

Usually, they like them

And they go down a storm

Sometimes, they’re strong as rhinos

Often cute as bunnies

Always dumb as dough-nuts

But still, they’re always funny.

I sometimes shade in pencil

Gel pencils are pretty cool too

I cut them out with scissors

Oh help, my sister has got the glue

I add them into comics

Superheroes or bad guys

Their feet are sometimes glued

To the floor, but sometimes they fly

I love drawing cartoons

They’re awesome, don’t you think

Your thoughts flow out onto the page

But…unless you spill your drink.


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