3rd & 4th Class Tour Marred by Terrain.

May 26, 2009

2008_0310tour0182 2008_0310tour01842008_0310tour0186 2008_0310tour0263 

3rd and 4th classes went on their annual school tour on Tuesday, May 19. The trip to Causey Farm near Kells in County Meath started well. Children were invited to milk the dairy cow, calm the angry geese and corral the runaway pig.

2008_0310tour02372008_0310tour0232 2008_0310tour0236 2008_0310tour0203

The children also got a chance to make some pottery and blow the largest bubbles anyone ever saw.


The assault course also went down well, most participants going around the course for a second and third lap. The climbing frame was particularly difficult, most falling at this point, but no one complained.

Then there was a chance to cut turf in the traditional Irish fashion, using a slean to produce a clean, rectangular sod. We learnt that the bog grows from the roots of dead vegetation, and at quite  a slow rate: 1 mm per year.

But the tour was affected at this stage by some soft ground that proved unsuitable for the planned country ramble. Many pupils complained of mud spatters and wet feet as they braved the elements. Indeed, despite their best efforts, they could not keep their clothes entirely clean. In the best tradition of the school, the children made the best of a bad situation. Hopefully, the pictures here indicate the brave face that they put on the day.

2008_0310tour02202008_0310tour02142008_0310tour0204 2008_0310tour0215 aaa1aaa2


One Response to “3rd & 4th Class Tour Marred by Terrain.”

  1. daniel Says:

    i got really dirty
    tat tour was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    porige bring us again

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