Football Match Report

March 26, 2009


Some of the action yesterday

Football Match

 Yesterday’s soccer match between D7ET’s school team and ST. Laurence O’Toole, Sherriff St. was a thrilling encounter, and a welcome diversion from normal classroom routine.


D7Et supporters upset by the result

We were losing 1-0 after 11 minutes of the game, but made an amazing comeback, a goal  scored by Daniel from 5th class. We were playing well, but could we keep it up?


St.Laurence O'Toole's in their green and white strip


St. Laurence's come forward to attack once more

We  had amazing support from our fans 4th, 5th, 6th and parents. We were playing very well and our defence was brilliant! St. Laurence O`Toole are playing well, but we are keeping up.

At half time, it was one-all, but luck was not coming our way, as we let in two goals in a mere five minutes.


D7Et defend bravely


Half-Time tactics are discussed

Fans thought we were in need of fresh legs, and the manager must have agreed, because Ultan and Niamh (both from 4th) were put on as replacements for Daniel and Cian (both from 5th).

Fans were getting excited, and 4th class showed it, by doing a few cheerleading chants.

In the meantime, St. Laurence O`Toole had scored two more goals, and D7ET manager had made two more substitutions: Hazel (5th) for Fionn

and Daniel.  It was  now 5-1 and most D.7.E.T  fans had given up on winning, but some were still chanting along. 


A goal down at half-time, but a game of two halves

P.J said: “There is no hope of us winning.   But St. Laurence’s got very high

up in the league last year.  We have had some amazing players and some not.”

AMAZING!  A very late goal by Hazel, set up by Ultan.

(by our 4th Class Reporters and photographer)


D7ET players prepare to take the field



D7eT surge forward


A determined D7ET defender foils an attack



2 Responses to “Football Match Report”

  1. the manager Says:

    Big up the report girls! Maybe you could report on all our matches!

  2. the manager Says:

    Big up tghe reope

    Big up the report girls! Maybe you could report on all our matches

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