4th Class: Paul Henry Landscapes

March 24, 2009

paulhenry21 paulhenry31 paulhenry41 paulhenry51

The paintings above are Achill as seen by the Irish artist paul Henry.

The artwork displayed below was completed as an interpretation of Paul Henry’s Achill landscapes.

Paul Henry (1876-1958) was a Belfast painter who lived most of his life in Dublin and Achill. His landscapes concentrate on the monumental mountains and vast cloud formations that dominate the west of Ireland. While there is little detail in his work, the textures and colour ranges are quite subtle.

 2008_0103-0035 2008_0103-00361





4th Class have tried to capture that feel by a broad sweeping approach to their work, using charcoal in combination with a limited colour palette (all blues or all greens maybe). The results show both consistency and variation between them. We hope to follow up before the end of the year by viewing his works in the National Gallery.

I liked the way he did the colour in the clouds.”

“I think he drew the clouds very well.”

“I like the way he did the mountain s and the clouds.”

I like the scenery and the way he captured it and his imagination.”

I liked the squirrel”.















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