4th:Halloween Poems

October 24, 2008

The following is a selection of the poetry contributed by 4th Class D7ET to our Blog. Subjects and themes were dicussed with Roisin as part  of the Halloween festival.

Haunted houses

Squeaky Mouses

Big bats walk

Small cats talk

Pumpkins lit

And people sit

Around the table

On Halloween Night.


The cat’s on the ground

The broom’s in the air

And the wand’s making spells

That none can bear.

The wind crashing down

The sounds of the dead

It is all quite scary

So jump back in bed.

You see it in the night

And you get a big fright

You wonder what it is

And you go back to the light

You turn your back

And it gives you a smack

It all goes black

It was just your dead cat.

It was Halloween Night

The children were out

Collecting their sweets

And egging a house.

They pranced through the streets without a care

Not knowing that awaiting them was their zombie mayor.

He staggered along

Humming a creepy song

Billy sprinted down the street

Unaware of who he’s going to meet.

Chidlren, parents, old and young

Heard a scream

Just the one.

Lonely as it could be

The creepiest time of my life

The quietest time of my life.

Out reaches a hand

Further, further comes the hand

and then…..


One deathly night young Jimmy was seen

Throwing bangers, ’twas terribly mean.

Through a letterbox he was pretty keen

Jimmy was walking quietly

‘Twas next that he heard a scream.

Louder than a banshee

Only one word was to be heard

“Jimmy” it called and called

Jimmy thought: ” Not at all.

There ain’t such thing as ghosts.”

The voice got louder

The smell of gun-powder.

The next day, people gathered round

Death was the answer of the sound.

Where was Jimmy to be found?

On the ground.

By a golden bullet

The spirit cried: “Revenge”.

On a dark, dark night

On a dark, dark site

There was a dark, dark cat

With a dark, dark bat

And in the dark, dark grass

There was a dark, dark mask

And on the dark, dark land

There was a dead, dead man

With a dead, dead glen

But there, then….then…



The Princess of Death

On Halloween Night

At exactly midnight

She comes back to life

She touches the gravestone

Of everyone there

They come back to life too

Only look if you dare

The full moon is bright

Everything else is dark

They climb out of the graveyard

And out of the park

She looks at her list

And smiles scarily

She kills loads of people

They don’t die merrily.

On the stroke of midnight, you will see

Out your window, there will be

Ghosts and spider webs, everything

Hopping here and hopping there

Hopping just about everywhere.

dancing outside at night

When I woke up they were gone

And the next night they were there

So from that night on, there they were

Always at the stroke of midnight.


Out at night at Halloween

Never heard, rarely seen

Eyesight sharp, teeth wide

Prowling quietly while the moon is bright

Hissing, biting, scratching, fighting

Prowling, howling, stealing, youwling

Sneaky and quiet

Ready to pounce

Never goes into anybody’s house

All he does is fly away

On the broomstick

Never ready to play

Way too busy

Being a sneak

If you see him

Be prepared

Or else he’ll…

(Black cat)


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