4th Class Toys

October 20, 2008

Teddies belonging to the parents of 4th Class D&ET pupils.

The lamb used to have a brother, but they were separated long ago. The jumper on the black and white teddy was knitted for it by its owner. The teddy has been flattened over the years by its owner sleeping on it every night.

This clown was called a pierrot and was made without any plastic materials. His clay feet have broken, but his wind-up mechanism still works. Nowadays, he would probably be made with a battery and plastic feet.

The wooden toad pictured here was hand-carved.

He can make a lifelike toad noise when the striker is rubbed along his back.

This little fellow was used as a first toy, but usually for ‘toy fights’ with brothers.

Medieval soldier toys were very popular before the Second World War, but since then, toy soldiers have not been seen as often.  These little men are Norman archers from the 11th and 12th centuries.

The doll here looks as though someone has taken a scissors to her hair. Her leg was damaged, and was repaired at the Doll Hospital. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong doll home with the new leg.


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