May 30, 2008

This story was completed by 5th Class, D7ET as part of their Pushkin project for 2008. A professional illustrator gave us some valuable lessons on storyboarding and drawing characters consistently, but all of the drawings you see here were rendered by the 25 children in the class.


A man and his son took a trip to the zoo

A man and his son took a trip to the zoo

The day was quite windy, but the sky was still blue.


The boy carried a brolly and he wouldn’t let go

His dad and himself pulled it to and fro

Til a great gust of wind blew big and wild

It was all Dad could do to hold onto the child

Losing his brolly made the lad quite upset

He needed it badly; the day had got wet.

When it landed elsewhere, it caused quite a commotion

Where orang-utan Tim got an odd notion

If he threw out a tyre at the end of a rope,

His dream of escape might have some hope.


He pulled in his line and soon had it out

But his comrades soon grabbed it to monkey about

It didn’t take long for them to lose interest

It was tossed in the bin with the trash and the rest

Now Tim kept it well hidden from sight

And escaped over water later that night

He floated to freedom and sailed right away

And soon got to witness nature’s humans at play

Some creatures yawned in their cages all day

While others hopped, leapt and skipped the night away.

He tried to free small men from a glass box

He gave their square prison a few sharp knocks

For his efforts, poor Tim was kicked in the rear

Then attacked with a blade when he sat in a chair

After that, Tim once again took to the skies

From up there, the world looked much smaller in size.

He faced fierce attacks from a great metal bird

Being hit by white missiles he found quite absurd

The natives he passed were hostile and fierce

While the smoky white clouds filled Tim’s eyes with tears


Tim’s bid for freedom had been a big flop

When he saw the zoo signboard, he said: “Here’s my stop.”


He saw he was home and he quickly let go

And dropped like a stone to the pastures below.

Within ten seconds, he was back in his pound

And he woke the next morning, home safe and sound

The keeper was shocked that the cage-door was shut

Yet Tim had managed to get a complete new hair-cut.








3 Responses to “BLOWN BY THE WIND!”

  1. sarah rules Says:

    im the first 1 to look at this and leave a comment

  2. Lisa Kilbride Says:

    This is fabulous! Well done 5th Class!

  3. Henry Williams Says:

    Great story. My favourite bit is the bit when he got hit with golfballs.

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