Stick in the muds!

May 23, 2008

5th Class had their annual school our on Wenesday, May 21st, with a trip to the Causey Experience in Co. Meath.

Situated on a family farm near Fordstown, the bog proved to be a more interesting tour destination than it sounded.

While there, the class learnt about Ireland’s bogs, their use for fuel and food preservation, and their slow growth rate.

They were ferried about in a top of the range tractor-trailer, with comfortable hay seating.

The highlight though, was a mud bath for all concerned. Causey’s bog hole offered an unusual swimming experience, as can be seen in the photos.

The key to surviving was not struggling, and no one was left behind in the mud.


Whopper! deadly! Savage! Fantabulous!”

“The bog looked an inch deep, but was down to your toes.”

“The baby chicks were cute.”

“Getting stuck was fun.”

“The goat has a serious dandruff issue.”

“I liked feeding the goats.”

“I could have done with a shower.”

“Best school tour, deffo.”

“The tractor could have been faster.”

“We named the puppies Scamp and Champ.”



One Response to “Stick in the muds!”

  1. saoirse Says:

    it was the best school tour ever i got soooooooooooo muddy it was rrrreeeeaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyy deep

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