Mayday! Mayday! Where are we?

May 2, 2008


On May 1st, we  went  to Wicklow,  and arrived  at Kilrudderry house  – eventually . The  wind   blew  us  off-course  at  first.

Kilrudderry House, near Bray, is privately-owned, but open to the public during the summer.

We were divided into groups on arrival. Each  group did  two  workshops:

music, writing  or  an enviromental  walk.  The weather was perfect, everything was blooming; perfect for the first day of Summer.

The  wild   garlic   was  stinky, but  there  was a   lovely   fountain   with  spring   water.  We   made   birds’  nests, hid   rocks  and  tested the  wind.”


The baby- ducks  were  very  cute, the   magnolia  leaves  were  furry. There  were  many   marble  statues – they  looked  funny.”

The pictures were taken during our environmental walk and at lunch-time. The pupils you might not recognise are from Bennekerry N.S. in Carlow.



We went to windy Wicklow

for the day to learn

about Pushkin but in the end

all we learnt

was bus drivers aren’t very reliable

Killruddery House, so tall and lank,

with ponds full of garbage and waste.

The owners are strange, the statues are weird,

as naked and white as angels in sky.


For a trip we went to Wicklow,

Oh really, you didn’t know?!

The flowers were pretty the trees were strong,

That was before everything went wrong,

Thats right we got lost,

And here is the cause,

The bus driver went completely wrong,

It made  our trip very long,

But when we got there we did workshops,

We wrote some lines and hid some rocks,

We built nests, It was the best,

It was great fun, and we got the job done.


Killruddery house was fun

the teachers got a bun

we went in groups

the ducks were cute

and then we went back home.




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