April 18, 2008


On Thursday, April 17th, 5th class launched their kites. Circumstances were more suitable than previously: the preparation was meticulous, the kites were much more sturdy than before, and the day was windy. However, they still didn’t work. In fact, the wind seemed to destroy rather than carry them. The pictures here tell the story.

Despite our best efforts, this section of our Pushkin project has not become airborne.

The day’s disappointment has at least been celebrated in the following classroom verse:

11 Kites trying to fly

11 kites fall from the sky

No matter how hard we try.

We ran in wind and breeze and cold

We ran around and round.

But only end up with kites on ground

How I wish these kites would fly

When crisp-bags always soar so high.

Ripping plastic, tangled rope

They went down

As if it was a massive slope

The kites went down

We all did frown

And that’s what we did for Pushkin.


We made kites, it was such fun

But when we brought them outside they just wouldn’t go.

Most of them had a bad rope, while some of them didn’t work.

All of them completely ducked.

Now it’s my turn to fly my kite. Here we go,

It’s going to work, it just must, we might get it with a bit of luck. Here we go, oh no!

it’s just completely broke to bits, its’s even ripped, it’s even slit.

Now we’re going back inside.

Well, at least nobody died.

Oh no, watch out! It’s lost control. The kite is swooping, turning quick. Everyone run.

Oh, I forgot, we’re slow on pace. It’s completely smacked into our face.

I went to fly my kite today

It was ready for me to play

I waited for the wind to come

When it did, my kite went – kerrplunk!

It turned and twisted, but never flew.

Kite, a Tayto bag could fly better than you.

Then the string broke and the plastic ripped.

So here’s another tip: Never make your kite to fly.

Don’t even try.


Kites are falling out of the sky.

Out of the sky, out of the sky.

Crash and bang and triple smash

Mine’s the only one that flew.

We made a kite with all our might

We wanted to make it fly

high into the sky

So we tried to fly it in the field

It was going up and then – kerrplunk!

We didn’t give up, no!

There was only going to be one outcome though,

And although we had a lot of fun,

We never quite got the job done.

Ripping plastic, tangled rope

Twisted materials

We had no hope.

They sun, they twirled, they crashed, they curled,

But they never, ever flew

We made them once

We tried again

But they didn’t even lift off the ground.


8 Responses to “Kerplunk!”

  1. Clare goldenberg Says:

    Deadly kites. Really good Puskin Kerplunk idea, keep it up. Go D7ET.

  2. so sad i was out when you went to fly them even if they went KERRPLUNK it still looked fun!!!

  3. leyla oztas Says:

    Great fun, but too bad they went KERRPLUNKKKK!!!!

  4. leyla oztas Says:

    Great Pictures of the kites!!Dont try this at home!!!

  5. Sunniva corr Says:

    Sunniva was here!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sarah rules Says:

    that day was really fun even though the kites went KERPLUNK!

  7. Enda Says:

    great kites, phenominal they look great

  8. ella nolan Says:

    coooooool kites!!!!

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