Pushkin Project

April 16, 2008

Throughout the Spring, 5th Class have been preparing work as part of the Pushkin Foundation’s Celebrity Inspired Learning programme. This year’s theme is Blowing in the Wind, and we have put our emphasis on three projects:

(1) Wind-borne Flyers


By building and flying kites, gliders and balloons, we come to appreciate wind dynamics as an aid to aviation.

(2) The Human Zoo

This cartoon-panel story features the exploits of an orang-utan who escapes from the zoo on a wind-powered umbrella. He observes human behaviour and decides he is safer at home in his enclosure. Life imitated art early in April, when one of Dublin Zoo’s orang-utans fled his cage and wandered about the zoo.

(3) Blown Astray


In 1588, Ireland became infamous as the graveyard of the Spanish Armada.  Most survivors were handed over to the English authorities, but a lucky few survived, hidden by Irish hosts. 5th Class interpret events in a historically accurate, if irreverent drama.

On May 1st, the entire class will visit Kilrudderry House in Wicklow, where The Pushkin Foundation will run art workshops and events.

It is hoped to display and perform some of our work before the end of June.



4 Responses to “Pushkin Project”

  1. Síle ní Dhonaile Says:

    Wow – I’m so impressed with your class’s work and website – I wish I was a kid again and could attend your school.

  2. Sorcha ní Dhonaile Says:

    Maith sibh!
    Go néirí libh leis an súiomh idirlíon nua.
    Béidh mé ag féachaint air go minic.

    Na páistí is fearr in Eirinn.


  3. can’t wait until may 1st!

  4. Catherine Says:

    It’s been great fun working on the Pushkin Project – even though our kites and gliders broke!

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